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Celebrities Halloween costumes

So how was yourHalloween weekend this time?

Traditions of celebrating Halloween are most popular in Western Europe and the US. From there they have spread all over Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Each country makes its own contribution: cultural customs, decorating, food. But everybody loves dressing up as supernatural figures. Well…almost everybody! Some people put on funny rather than scary costumes. The costume selection includes popular characters from fiction, movies, cartoons and even celebrities whose names regularly appear in gossip columns.


While choosing our festive attire, we looked through all the most beautiful, dazzling, sexy costumes that celebrities wore at parties.

We are ready and willing to share this info with you! Stars do know how to have a really good time!

Without a shadow of hesitation, we at Stars&Sparks have put our bets on girls.


Supermodels, pop acts and movie displayed the most eye-catching clothes. The prize for the sexiest outfits went undoubtedly to Kim Kardashian. She attracts so much public interest, to say nothing of her costumes! People have seen her dressed up as Red Riding Hood, Nefertiti, Princess Jasmine, and Superwoman. Quite interesting was her costume of Poison Ivy (played by Uma Thurman) from Batman and Robin.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr looks tempting in any clothes, but she was exceptionally good at a Halloween party!


Her colleague Adriana Lima (Victoria’s Secret Angel) enjoys scary garb. Her costume of the bride from the cartoon Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride was perfect down to the minutest detail. Just take a look at that make-up!

The ultimate party star Paris Hilton is keen on extravagant clothes. One night she dressed up as Miley Cyrus. Provocation on provocation!

Actress Natalie Portman is the master of disguise. Remember her part in legendary Star Wars?And what about her famous Black Swan? Once she even dressed up as a French mime-joker from a pack of cards. Her smart and mysterious costume did not go unnoticed.


The Vampire’s Diary star Nina Dobrev seems to know everything about scary, mystic apparel. Yet she apparently wants to have a break from the vampire’s friend type, so for parties she usually chooses nice characters like Willy Wonka, the chocolate factory owner.


Well, what does the star’s companion have to do then? Men can also do their best to impress! The Halloween night calls for daring costumes and daring antics. You can have fun and let your hair down and be the part! The important thing is for two to wear matching clothes.


Here is our choice:

  1. Len Wiseman and Kate Beckinsale head out Halloween night in full costumes as Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. Stunning!

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  1. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani as Vampires Family.
  2. Keri Hilson as Queen Nefertiti and Serge Ibaka as Pharaoh Akhetnaten.
  3. Fergie and Josh Duhamel in creepy skeleton costumes to the Mexican tradition The Day of the Dead.

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  1. Adam Levine and BehatiPrinsloo as an ’80s couple’.
  2. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as Catwoman and Batman .
  3. Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo as an ’20s couple’.