Grand Prix Monaco 2015 | Stars & Sparks

Grand Prix Monaco 2015

We have visited the famous Formula 1 Race (Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2015) from May 22 till May 25th, just in the fervor and furor of the Race!

The Grand Race is held annually since 1950. Just imagine all the epoch-making ridings!

While famous racers are preparing to whirlwind races, we can rest and enjoy Star Cars run from the panoramic city decks together with our clients and dear guests. Trust me, it was a breathtaking view!
That’s when the gala day for all speed and adrenalin fans begins! “The Fast and the Furious” is nothing!




The city roars with fierce engines, and millions of flashlights turn the track into arena of the century. Passionate watchers knock themselves out, shouting and cheering.

The whole city turns into one big fest in the evening. And there is something to feast! Racer’s victory is something! The winner of the race is Nico Rosberg, and Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull-Renault Team becomes the fastest to perform a lap. The Hercules bay is chock full with yachts glistening with parties aboard.



At night, twisting our way through Ferraris and Lamborghinis, we move to a VIP ROOM club, where our new friends – rappers Chris Brown and Tyga just had their show.

We were told some interesting facts about Grand Prix de Monaco. Before the race starts all manholes are tightly weld up to prevent them from bursting out because of low pressure under the cars. It’s really hard to imagine those speed and pressure!




The last day of the world Formula One Race (during Grand Prix all social events are held on Friday) was Mumm brand, who installed pedestal for the winners in the VIP ROOM club. Anyone who feels like it can raise a bottle of champagne over his head like the Race winners do, and traditionally please the “competitors” with a fountain of shimmer wine. Fun in the champions’ manner.




This is how, in the sea of champagne and in atmosphere of total celebration, sitting on the terrace of VIP ROOM we enjoyed superb fireworks on the Monaco F1 closing.