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Monaco Yacht Week

How do you start your week? Work, worries, business meetings?

What about starting a day with a sea view and luxury yachts on French Riviera?

The high flying businessmen and world celebritieswill soon be flocking to Monaco to participate in Monaco Yacht Week, also known as Monaco Classic Week (23-26 September).


The Stars & Sparks team has already left for this most beautiful principality on the Earth not only to enjoy great views but also to prepare the most awesome parties and presentations for you and suggest what you could busy yourself with in September.



The 25th Anniversary MYS during the Classic Week is the most spectacular luxury yacht show in Europe. It is traditionally hosted by Yacht Club de Monaco, situated on Quai Louis II. At the moment Port Hercule is witnessing arrival of the world’s most beautiful and fast yachts and the most renowned yachtsmen.


This year the yacht show is sponsored by UlysseNardin, a manufacturer of Swiss prestige watches.

The Classic Week is a unique experience because during these days the visitors can see (and, naturally, try) both luxury yachts and boat regatta and the whole armada of wooden boats which can go at breathtaking speed. Besides modern vessels, the Monaco guests can enjoy the view of vintage boats that took part in regattas in the last century or even earlier. Believe us, it is really exhilarating! A splendid boat show at the azure sea.


The Principality of Monaco is the seaside gem where people know everything about sailing. Are you looking for the place to learn sailing or just have an unforgettable experience? Monte Carlo is where you should be!

Yacht Club de Monaco (presided over by His Serene Highness Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco) has more than 1500 members and a few hundred candidates. Just imagine that number of yachts! They are moored in marina so close together that you can actually walk from one to another. Certainly, the biggest yachts are anchored off the pier in the sea with speedboats carrying the guests ashore and back.




Besides new yachts, the legendary Partridge also takes part in the regatta. The yacht was built as far back as the 19th century; she was restored and thenwent into the water in 1998.Since that time the yacht crew has always participated in the Monaco Classic Week.

All regattas and shows go hand in hand with parties, fairs, competitions, food and drinks tasting, competitions of the best chefs from the French Riviera restaurants, presentations of world-known brands. The biggest and most desirable party is undoubtedly the gala dinner with La Personnalité de la Mer. Yet you can find memorable events not only on the shore! Some parties on board can be really wild!