The 88th Academy Awards ceremony, popularly known as OSCARS is scheduled to take place in L.A. on February 28, 2016. Celebrities will arrive at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The actor and comedian Chris Rock will host the show. As it is known, the nominees were announced on 14 January; on Sunday 8 February they will meet at Nominees Luncheon. From that moment on, everybody will look forward to the voting results and final ceremony on Sunday 28 February.





Before we talk of Leonardo Di Caprio, I’d like to say that I do not anticipate anything particularly exciting or surprising. After the nominations, it has become obvious that Academy Awards have taken a page from the playbook of Golden Globe Awards; the same lack of diversity, new talent or outstanding performances. Several celebrities including the film director Spike Lee and actress Jada Pinkett Smith have made an appeal to boycott the ceremony because there are no Afro-American nominees on the Big List. Well, we will keep our fingers crossed and hope that everything goes smoothly and the Oscar statuettes will find their owners.

Who are then the favorites of the academics and who is to our liking? Let’s look at the nominees and their chances.

Best picture:

  • The Big Short produced by Brad Pitt.
  • Bridge of Spies from action films guru Steven Spielberg.
  • Brooklyn from Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey (you don’t usually see a lot of female movie directors).
  • Mad Max: Fury Road, a super movie from George Miller; we’ll place our bets on that one!
  • The Martian from Ridley Scott; don’t miss this one, go and see it tonight; Matt Damon’s acting is superb!
  • Room by Ed Guiney and Spotlight by Michael Sugar.
  • The Revenant, a sensational movie with Leonardo DiCaprio; everybody knows how much Leo covets the statuette; we hope that this time he’ll get it; the film has several nominations.

We won’t list all nominations and nominees, we’ll just mention the most interesting in our opinion.




Best Actor nominees are Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Fassbender (for playing the legendary Steve Jobs) and Eddie Redmayne (for the part of Lili Elbe / Einar Wegener in The Danish Girl). They say Redmayne is a sure winner; his was a challenging part dealing with controversial feelings. Moreover, the film director Tom Hooper has already won twice the well-deserved Oscars for Les Misérables and The King’s Speech. He knows who should be cast in the title role in a film! Also Eddy Redmayne has won the Best Actor for playing Stephen Hawking.




Best Actress nominees include popular Hollywood stars Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence (the favorite of international audiences) as well as Brie Larson, Saoirse Ronan and Charlotte Rampling.

Now, who is worthy to be mentioned as the best supporting actors and actresses? Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Sylvester Stallone, who has recently won a Golden Globe. And the nominees in the best supporting actress category are a cut above their rivals for the best actress award. Just take a look at them: Rooney Mara, Kate Winslet, Alicia Vikander, Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Jason Leigh. It will be a hard choice for the Academy to make!

We at Stars & Sparks follow closely all film awards but our favorite are OSCARS and Cannes Festival. Their red carpets are graced by appearance of the best actors, the most renowned celebrities, the most talented and beautiful people. Oscar parties and events are arguably the most stylish and exquisite of all!





There are nine parties surrounding the Academy Awards. These are public events. The rest are closed to the general public. Tickets are hard to come by but admissions vary between $ 1,500 and $ 60,000.

Nothing can beat OSCAR parties at the time of OSCARS!

“Night of 100 Stars” Oscar Viewing Dinner/Party is the opening party that starts off entertainment in Hollywood style. Glamour, magic and more than one hundred movie stars.

InStyle Oscar Viewing Dinner/Party is an event from InStyle magazine. Its international editions feature more pictures of celebrities attending its events than any others. Remember seeing a star parading in some splendid outfit on the red carpet and changing into something absolutely stunning at the after party? That’s all about them! Global manufacturers of clothes, footwear and jewelry queue up to offer their brands to the guests of InStyle events – it’s a sure bet to make it to the front pages.

Weinstein Brothers Oscar Pre-Party (Sat. evening) & Weinstein Brothers Oscar After Party is a series of non-stop events from brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein. These are extremely popular parties. Hollywood glitterati, bloggers, actors and dancers – all want to obtain an invitation to the event of this kind. Weinstein Brothers Party is a ticket to a glamorous life!

The legendary Beverly Hills Hotel in Sunset Boulevard will open its doors to more than 200 stars, known photographers, film directors, writers and producers to watch the Awards. In case they are not nominated for the Awards, of course. Although a lot of nominees like to hang out at this party, too. The second party of the glorious Weinstein event takes place at Soho House in Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. It is a private event with a limited list of guests from the so-called A-list.

It’s unbeatable!

Fox throws up a mega After Party at Boa Hollywood.




Sir Elton John has surpassed himself: three parties rolled into one from Elton John AIDS Foundation (three unforgettable events):

  • Elton John After Party Only
  • Elton John 2016 Oscar VIEWING DINNER & AFTER PARTY
  • Elton John Viewing Dinner/After Party: DEDICATED TABLE OF 10

You don’t have to win an Oscar if you want to feel a star but you absolutely must visit an Oscar party!

This is what luxury lifestyle really is!