We travel a lot all over the world to choose the best hotel, restaurant and service for you. There are many criteria by which a particular restaurant or bar makes it to the well-known ratings. To create an ideal list it’s impossible – some people prefer the classic European cuisine, elegant interior and leisurely dining, others are keen on fusion cuisine and modern look, minimalism and high-tech style.

Drawing up a top list of the best restaurants and bars, we have taken into account customer feedback and experience, value and quality of service, our own impressions and preferences. A majority of this list make the world’s restaurants with a name. We bet you know and love them.

For the last 3 years the leaders in the restaurant business have been establishments with Michelin stars and those that are ranked in the top 50 best restaurants in the world and top 100 places which you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Most of them are so popular that you have to book a table a few months in advance and you must not miss this reservation!

We advise our clients and friends to make their travel arrangements so as to be sure to visit one of these.

Top restaurants and bar’s according to the Stars & Sparks:



This restaurantis located in Copenhagen(Denmark) and has once again become the leader inthe restaurant business. It has two Michelin stars and the clear positioning of the Scandinavian, Nordic cuisine.  The interior reflects the nature of the place. It is modern, with clean line sand of particularly northern character. With matching food, which is highly valued worldwide. Chefs surprise clients using rare ingredients in their dishes like venison or moose meat decorated with moss and lichen.



2. Eleven Madison Park

Although this famous New York restaurant is open seven days a week, it is extremely difficult to get in there. Even VIPs reserve a table a month in advance! This is due to the popularity of its chef, Daniel Humm, who often works at the oven in person. Daniel is known for having created the restaurant menu around five major ingredients that are appreciated by gourmets from around the world.



3. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Is a gourmet restaurant in London. Moreover, its cuisine combines both traditional and molecular gastronomy styles. Its chefs experiment with recipes of the 16th and 18th centuries, improving them and turning them into works of culinary art. We suggest ordering pastries and bread made to the 1506 recipe, and pigeons with amber ale and artichokes. The restaurant is located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and is a popular place in London.



4. Le Louis XV

Is famous for its chef, a star of various restaurant ratings, nutrition forums and many TV shows, Alain Ducasse, in our favorite Monte Carlo. This is the very restaurant where the most successful businessmen and the most beautiful ladies spent their time last summer. This is the very restaurant which is often called the heart of the Riviera. The Le Louis XV restaurant is the epitome of La Dolce Vita. At the moment the restaurant is closed for renovation: it is being redecorated. What can be grander than royal grandeur of French kings?!

Tradition and modernity are the inseparable part of the restaurant design as well as its menu. Chefs Alain Ducasse and Dominic Laurie hold a prominent position on Restaurant Olympus, and gourmets from all over the Riviera come to taste the delicate desserts from Pastry Chef Nicolas Cayo. It is also interesting that Le Louis XV was the first hotel restaurant in the world to receive three Michelin stars. And it still has them!

We enjoyed both their food and their wines. Their famous wine cellars are really worthy of any king! More than 600,000 bottles of first-class wines are stored in the cellars of this famous restaurant. Do not forget to include it on your next season’s Must-visit list!



5. Bellini Bar

Bellini Bar at the Hilton is on the other side of the globe, in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. Without exception, all restaurants and bars in the Hilton Hotels are unique and of high standing, but Bellini Bar is appreciated for its interior. The trendy bar is named after the popular cocktail “Bellini”, created in 1948 at Harry’s Bar in Venice. Sipping cocktails, visitors can admire the most beautiful bay of this region, Waitemata. Half of the bar is a panoramic floor-to-ceiling window. The pride of the bar is its bartenders. The bartenders at Bellini Bar have won many awards for flair bartending and have invented many of cocktails which are popular in New Zealand and Australia.

6. Skyview Bar

On your way to New Zealand, you will most likely have a stop over in the United Arab Emirates. Do not miss the chance to spend an unforgettable evening at the five-star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. On the 27th floor of the world famous hotel there is no less famous Skyview Bar. At 200 meters above sea level, it offers one of the world’s most splendid views! Our clients have often mentioned this place in their reviews. Perhaps, there is no need to talk about the menu or bar list, when a breathtaking panorama opens before your eyes.

Want to go even higher above the sea level? Then let’s fly to Japan! New York Bar is located almost on the top of the world — on the 52nd floor of the five-star Park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo. Unique atmosphere of the place is created by live acts playing music that ranges from traditional tunes to jazz or pop. Yet we have not included this bar in our ranking for its musicians only! When the clouds and smog over Tokyo give way to sunny weather, visitors to New York Bar can see almost the whole road that leads to the famous Mount Fuji. You can admire the many-mile-long serpentine road and the mountain as if they were on the palm of your hand.

Our list ends with the White Rabbit restaurant in Moscow. This place has won the hearts of many compilers of restaurant ratings, entering the list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants at number 23. Last year this upmarket restaurant made it only to 71st place. 2015 has not only marked its breakthrough but has also earned it a special award as the Highest New Entry. Vladimir Mukhin, the White Rabbit chef, believes in simple cooking: each dish has only three to five ingredients. But this simplicity is on the verge of absolute perfection.

Chef Mukhin’s cooking style is based on a thorough study of the traditions of Russian cuisine, which he combines with modern technologies. His dishes are notable for their distinctive presentation: they may be served, for example, garnished with pickled bamboo shoots or seasoned with dandelion sauce. Another thing that adds to the taste of the food is the restaurant’s location: it is right in the centre of Moscow and has a gorgeous view.